Friday, December 1, 2017

Revenue phone outage Friday service restored

Phone service is restored.

Department of Revenue is experiencing intermittent issues with phone lines.

Use Live Chat or for licensing questions. We apologize for the inconvenience. 

Thursday, November 30, 2017

BLS hitches new local partner Ellensburg

BLS lassoes another local business licensing partner in Central Washington. The city of Ellensburg, with its nationally famous rodeo, is the newest city to combine its local licensing with the state's streamlined solution. 

Ellensburg, with about 1400 registered businesses, is the 72nd BLS city partner. It is the county seat of Kittitas County with a population of 20,000. It is home to Central Washington University and welcomes thousands to the Ellensburg Rodeo every Labor Day Weekend.

Monday, November 20, 2017

November 2017 Update

City Partners: Fee and license changes need 75-day advance notice

Lawmakers approved EHB 2005 last spring which implements a longer lead-time to make changes to local licenses.

City leadership must approve all fee changes and regulation changes for a city licensing program. Written notice should be sent to the Business Licensing Service’s Partnership Services team after the city council or city leadership has approved changes. For changes in license structure, contact BLS prior to sending to council for a vote to ensure BLS can accommodate the new structure. 

No System Changes from January through April 2018

ATLAS configuration work is ongoing in 2018. To support the tax system replacement, ATLAS will be in a “code freeze” from mid-January to mid-April. Regulatory changes or programming enhancements will not be made until the after a stabilization period expected to end in June. 

Secrecy Clause Form Updated

All ATLAS Partner Portal users have a signed, approved, notarized confidentiality affidavit on file. BLS will notify any partner staff that need to update their affidavit.

A new affidavit has been created that covers most tax and licensing data secrecy requirements in one document. The most recent version of the form will be sent to any staff requesting ATLAS Partner Portal access. Please delete any link or records linking the older form called “Tax and License Confidentiality Affidavit.”

Use the Latest Forms at

Remember: Only use the most recent version of a business licensing form or information sheet. BLS frequently updates its site and forms as it adds partners and implements changes. Forms, such as the Business License Application and City License Addendum, may change several times yearly. Print or share only the most recent version to help your customers.

Reminder: Business Information Changes Must Come from the Customer

Changes to license accounts must come from the customer directly to Business Licensing Service (BLS) through a Business Information Change Form or by securely accessing their account via My DOR.

If customers need assistance, BLS provides three options:

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Sunnyside is up: BLS welcomes new partner

Businesses in Sunnyside can now get a local license with fewer steps. Fill-in, pay and submit – applications and license renewals are over-easy with the state Business Licensing Service (BLS) partnership.

More than 1,300 businesses can now manage their Sunnyside city license with a secure login to a My DOR account.

The city of 16,000 in Yakima County is the 20th community east of the Cascades to join the state's "one stop" for state and local licensing.

Welcome, Sunnyside. 

Thursday, September 21, 2017

East Wenatchee is open for business with BLS

The state Business Licensing Service (BLS) today welcomes the city of East Wenatchee.

The busy hub of the central Columbia River basin is the 70th city to connect with the state’s combined licensing partnership. The riverside city of 15,000 in Douglas County boasts more than 1,000 thriving businesses in the apple capital of the nation.

East Wenatchee joins 20 other communities east of the Cascades as part of the state’s streamlined “one stop service” for business licensing.


Tuesday, August 29, 2017

BLS Partner Update

Revenue Improves Website on Sept. 9

The site will be streamlined with improved navigation and tools important to businesses, tax practitioners, and the general public. The updated site, which launches Sept. 9, also has responsive design for mobile devices. More than 60 percent of first-time visitors and 12 percent of all users access with a mobile device.
The Business Licensing Service website is not changing. More updates will be sent by email after Labor Day.

Make Sure You Have an ATLAS Backup

Vacation, promotion, and turnover – just a few reasons to have a succession plan. It is helpful to have a backup trained on ATLAS Partner Portal for those times when primary staff are out of the office. Otherwise, your customers have to wait to get your approved endorsement(s) until your primary staff are back in the office.
It is best to have a teammate complete and return the affidavit and start the Partner Portal registration process. Training documents and “computer-based training” are available to get them up to speed.

Report Enhancements

You asked. We delivered. The Product/Service Description entered on every Business Licensing Application is now a field in three reports. Look for the field in the right-most column of the Partner Pending Approval report, the Partner Interface report and the Partner All Status report.
The Partner Change of UBI report is also enhanced. Run your reports for individual programs, instead of only for your entire agency.

All reports are accessible by selecting “New Manager” on your ATLAS Partner Portal home screen and then selecting reports by name on the Launchpad screen. 

Save Your Files: SFT Upgrade Coming Soon

There will be an upgrade to the Secure File Transfer service on September 10, 2017. Revenue and the Business Licensing Service will remove all files at 9 p.m. on September 6, 2017. Transfer your files prior to the upgrade.

*No impact to those who do not use SFT.*

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Closing Accounts

Reminder: BLS staff are not authorized to close a customer’s account without something in writing from the customer. We will not close or otherwise change tax registrations and other state endorsements. Customers who need to close an account should do so in My DOR or by filling out a business information change form.

City and agency program staff manage their respective endorsements only.  If a business is delinquent or non-compliant with a city business license or regulatory license, only the impacted license may be terminated or suspended.

You may not request to change status of tax registrations and other endorsements outside of your regulatory authority. Those endorsements may be tied to tax or corporate accounts where debts or legal rights are at stake.

Also, BLS staff cannot transfer funds between UBI accounts unless requested by authorized taxpayer(s). Taxpayers should call 1-800-451-7985 for assistance or login to My DOR.

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