Monday, March 25, 2019

Requesting an Address Change

Partners –
Requesting an address change for a business location may affect a state tax account and impact local licensing requirements. As such, an address change process must be handled only by an authorized individual.

Refer to steps below to help a business update its address.
Option 1: Business sends a Secure Message (free for updating addresses within the same city)

  1. Sign-in to My DOR 
  2. Select “Send a Secure Message” in the Other Services menu at right
  3. Select Business License Renewal
  4. Compose and send a message, such as;

  • My current address is {current address} and it needs to be changed to {new address}
  • I am updating my current {mailing or physical} address for UBI {UBI Number} to {new address}

Select "Send a secure message" from the screen

Option 2: Business Information Change Form

  1. Business completes a Business Information Change form
  2. Authorized business representative signs form
  3. Scan the form and send to or fax to (360) 705-6699

Address Corrections by City Staff
Your city may ask for minor changes to physical addresses. These may include small changes such as fixing typos, updating attention lines or suite numbers.
Email your requested changes to both of these email addresses: and
BLS registration and renewal team members will review the request and reply by email when the request is completed or notify you if there are further questions that need answers first.


~BLS Partnership Services

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Black Diamond polishes up business planning with BLS

Today, the state Business Licensing Service welcomes the city of Black Diamond.

Incorporated 60 years ago, Black Diamond is a historic coal mining town in east King County growing rapidly today with the region's economic boom.

BLS will now connect Black Diamond growing businesses with their required state registrations. The partnership also lets companies working in nearby Covington, Enumclaw, and Maple Valley -- along with more than 80 other Washington cities -- sync application renewal processes for local licensing.
Black Diamond is named for the coal mining company that started work there after 1880.
The pastoral city in the upper Green River Valley also boasts Lake Sawyer Regional Park at its northwest edge.
(source: Flikr user VikiSuzan; - Creative Commons License)

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Historic Snohomish sets future path with Business Licensing Service

More than 1000 businesses are located in the city of Snohomish. 
Today, these businesses are connected to the Business Licensing Service for local license applications and renewals.

Founded more than 150 years ago and home to a business district  on the National Register of Historic Places, Snohomish is a placid city along its eponymous river. The city is actively working with local stakeholders to continue improvements to the central business business district in the old-time neighborhood along Bickford Avenue.

Snohomish joins its neighbors in Marysville, Lake Stevens, Darrington, and many others in the region in supporting its business community by linking to the state's signature streamlined licensing service.

~BLS Partnership Services
Storefronts in the City of Snohomish Historic District. (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Normandy Park is newest King County city partner

The city of Normandy Park is following the path of many Puget Sound townships by connecting to the Business Licensing Service to bolster local commerce.

The bedroom community with a shoreline that offers sweeping views of Vashon and Maury islands is home to 6500 locals. Hundreds of them own small businesses that can now connect their Normandy Park business license account with other city licenses and state agency registrations.

BLS will be in full partnership with most King County cities when Federal Way, SeaTac and Tukwila join the service this year. By the end of summer, BLS will have more than 100 city partners statewide.
The waterfront suburb of Normandy Park has more than 350 active businesses where the median home price is more than $650,000.
(source: Flickr - NW Lens - Creative Commons License )

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Quincy powers up with BLS

The rusty red bluffs along the central Columbia River are a starkly beautiful place. In this part of central Washington State, people gather each summer for water skiing, sunbathing, and live music at the world-famous Gorge Ampitheatre. The city that serves the needs of these visiting recreation enthusiasts is Quincy, population 6,750.

Today, Quincy businesses are connected to the state Business Licensing Service to streamline their annual application and renewal processes.This agricultural community founded in 1892 is today home to nearly 400 businesses. Since the 1990s, a new industry emerged here in a community served by hydroelectricity. Because of the inexpensive power, the Microsoft Data Center located in Quincy. It is considered the largest structure of its type in the world and is next to other servers that power the data for other multinational tech companies.

Inside a Microsoft Data Center
(Source: Wikimedia commons)

Quincy, the 85th BLS partner, joins its fellow Grant County city Ephrata. Nearby Moses Lake and Soap Lake will connect to BLS later this year.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Daffodil Festival blooms in Orting – as does BLS

In the valley west of Mount Rainier, the Carbon and Puyallup rivers juxtapose the pastoral city of Orting.

Each spring, cities in this river valley join up for the Daffodil Festival, culminating in the twilight Daffodil Parade through Orting’s streets.

This April, as Orting businesses ramp up for Daffodil Festival, they'll be connected to neighbors in Puyallup and Sumner in the state Business Licensing Service(BLS).

BLS connects and streamlines the application and renewals processes for businesses working in these cities. By mid-2020, all but three cities within Pierce County will be ready for business with BLS.

The Daffodil Festival's annual April parade passes through Puyallup and Sumner
 before finishing the evening on the streets of new BLS city partner Orting.

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Darrington syncs business licensing to state system

The town of Darrington in east Snohomish County joins many of its Northwest Washington neighbors today as full partner in the Business Licensing Service.

Business owners in Darrington can sync up licenses with state registrations in a single annual renewal process. Local and regional businesses will get the immediate benefit as they interface in the same portal used for Washington State tax registration and reporting. The service is also used by nearby Granite Falls, Lake Stevens, and Marysville.

Darrington levies a local Business and Occupation tax (local B&O). The city now can use exportable data to create its tax notice mailings from updated Department of Revenue reporting.

BLS supports licensing and reporting for more than 20 local B&O cities, including configuring data to seamlessly interface with third-party systems. BLS services are free to city partners.

Rugged Glacier Peak rises 10,500 feet to the sky east of Darrington.
(source: Wikimedia Commons)