Thursday, December 29, 2011

Changes to Report Delivery in 2012

What is changing about report delivery?
Due to the sensitivity of information contained in the daily reports, DOR BLS will be changing the location of where your daily MS word documents (standard reports) are delivered.

New DOR SFT logons and passwords will be emailed to the new users by email notifications.    Shortly after the new passwords are issued, your Standard reports delivery will change from your city group email delivery to the SFT folder.  The logon notice will contain instructions on where to go to access your SFT folder.  Remember to check your SFT folder daily!

Your BLS group email address will continue to be used for BLS communications.  Be sure to check it daily, also!

Standard reports that reach you in a single Microsoft Word document format include:
·         agency requirements document  (ARD) - daily
·         city of interest report – weekly
·         pending approval – weekly
·         incomplete applications  - monthly - first Saturday of the month
·         delinquent endorsement list monthly - 2nd Saturday of the month
·         account financial control summary – 2-3 times per week

DOR plans to deliver the standard reports to your new SFT folder, instead of sending them to your group email address.

To prepare for this, we need your help identifying which of your licensing staff who access the email reports, but who do not currently have an SFT logon.

These individuals will need to have individual logons created for them.

Action needed by January 20, 2012
1)      Review the attached list of individuals who currently have SFT logons for your city.
2)      Provide a list of the individual(s) who need new SFT logons that includes the
a.      first and last name
b.      job title
c.       phone number
d.      and email

Send your completed list to

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