Tuesday, January 31, 2012

More Busy Signals Until Mid-February

As you know, the Business Licensing Service (BLS) integrated into the Department of Revenue (DOR) just last summer. You may also know that January is the only month of the year when reporting due dates coincide for more than 300,000 monthly, quarterly, and annual taxpayers.
Tax reporting volume causing busy signals, delays
The end of January is very busy for the DOR call center and field offices, despite our efforts to get businesses to file early in the month. BLS and DOR taxpayer calls are answered with the same phone system. We have future plans to segregate BLS calls and DOR’s tax calls but could not do so before now.
Please tell callers that delays should end next week
Please help us reassure businesses that call your offices that busy signals and long delays will be resolved by the end of this week. Thank them for their patience. If their matter can wait, next week will be better. They may also email
bls@dor.wa.gov for assistance.
We appreciate your assistance.

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