Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Account Financial Control Summary (AFCS) Format Improved

What is new?
The Account Financial Control Summary (AFCS) report format and content have been improved for our city partners. 

When will implementation occur?
The new AFCS report format will be implemented on Friday, April 20.

Where will the report be delivered?
The new report will be delivered to the city SFT folder starting Friday, April 20, for all city partners.

What is changing?
The funding dates (the ARD dates being picked up in the deposit) and the funds deposit date information has been moved to the top of the report.  This information used to be located at the bottom of the report.

The second (last) page of the report has a new feature called the Funds Summary by License Type.
This area of the document will show a breakdown the total funds distribution by the license type for your city. 

The license types provided in your city’s AFCS report will be based on the types of licenses processed by BLS for your particular city.   

Below is an example of the old AFCS report format and an example of the new enhancement format for comparison. Click the image to enlarge. Enhancement changes are highlighted for your reference. If you have questions, please contact

Click images to enlarge and sharpen

Click images to enlarge and sharpen

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