Friday, March 23, 2012

ARDs Now Sent to Your SFT Folder

Good news, partners!

On April 4, 2012, we are enhancing our report delivery methods to ensure your reports are reaching you in a timely manner. Our goal over the next year is to have all of your reports delivered to your SFT folder. 

On that day, all ARDs will be delivered to your city's SFT folder and will show as a MS Word document.

In the past, you received the ARD with the Standard Report delivery document by email. 

Starting today only the ARDs will be moving to the SFT folder.

The remaining Standard Reports will continue to be delivered to your EOM BLS city group email inbox.  These include:
·        Account Financial Control Summary (funds distribution report)
·        City of Interest
·        Pending Approval
·        Incomplete Applications
·        Delinquent Endorsement List (delinquent renewals), etc.

As a helpful reminder, you will continue to receive email notification to let you know when any of the Standard Reports have been uploaded to your SFT folder.  

The SFT folder will retain the reports for 13 days and then they will drop off.

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