Wednesday, April 4, 2012

FTP Reports Moving to SFT (Secure File Transfer)


Secure File Transfer (SFT) BLS report handlers be getting new DOR SFT logons and temporary passwords.  Designated persons will get two emails:  one email will provide you with your new logon and the other will provide you a temporary password that you will want to change to your own password.

FTP Reports
Your BLS Standard Report delivery (Delinquent Accounts reports, ARDs, etc.) currently delivered to your File Transfer Protocol (FTP folder- accessed using the fortress URL) will soon be delivered to your new SFT folder.

Unlike FTP, Secure File Transfer will allow users to update and manage their own passwords. SFT passwords expire every 90 days. Reports are retained in the SFT folder for 13 days.  After 13 days, they will automatically delete out of the folder.

Access your new SFT folder at

There will be two types of documents showing in the folder:
·        a single MS word document containing the daily Standard Reports (.doc) and
·        other documents and reports showing as .txt files.

If your DOR BLS SFT logon or password is not working, revoked, or expires, contact the
SFT Admin Group at

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