Monday, May 21, 2012

BLS Systems Transition Successful

What has happened?
The Business Licensing Service (BLS) has successfully moved all of their licensing systems and licensing data from the Department of Licensing to the Department of Revenue.

What does this mean for BLS and our partners?
The Business Licensing Service systems are now completely housed at the Department of Revenue. This will allow us to continue with further system and program enhancements to better serve our licensing partners.

What do you do if you start receiving calls from business owners?
If you receive calls from business owners regarding links, Internet applications, Internet renewals, or other system functions that are not operating correctly, please contact Partnership Services immediately at so we can look into the matter and seek a resolution.

A special thank you
We want to thank all of our licensing partners for being patient and working so closely with BLS over the last six months. There have been many changes to our BLS processes and references during this time. Your continued help and teamwork have been a great help to us during this transition and want you to know how much we appreciate you.

Dennis, Eric, Jan & Linda
BLS Partnership Services
(360) 705-6777

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