Monday, January 14, 2013

Partner Update: Connectivity Issues Monday


Good morning,


This message is for all BLS Partners on Monday, Jan. 14.


BLS systems are still down Monday morning due to server connectivity issues.


Systems not presently working:

·         All BLS email

·         Applications

·         Renewals

·         Corporate Renewals

·         DOR My Account (tax reporting)


Systems working:

· (Secure File Transfer for BLS)


· (BLS Website)


Reports in SFT were delayed Friday, but all files and reports should be up to date by noon Monday (today).


Toll-free phone service is unreliable at this time.


Please tell your customers and taxpayers to keep calling 1-800-451-7985. Their calls will go through eventually.


Thank you for your patience. We will be updating you again Monday afternoon.


~BLS Partnership Services

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