Tuesday, February 5, 2013

E-Check is $aving Partners Thou$and$


We're pleased to announce a very positive trend that capped off 2012 for our partnership.

 We told in you in May that we had added E-Check as a payment option for applications and renewals.

Today, we're updating you with some cold calcuations that may warm your hearts.

From mid-May through December 2012, BLS processed 156,081 transactions.
Of that total, 43,455 were paid by E-Check (with no credit card processing costs passed on to partners).

The growth was very fast and quite positive, with about 30% of transactions paid by E-Check since it was first offered.

More than $3.8 million of the total $12.9 million processed was paid by E-Check. That saved BLS and its partners about $95,000 in total processing fees. We'll continue our work to serve you better by saving you money!

Here's a look at the 2012 numbers: 
% of E-Check Transactions in 2012

Dec -- 34%
Nov -- 32%
Oct -- 35%
Sept -- 33%
Aug -- 30%
July -- 27%
June -- 26%
May -- 17%


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