Thursday, February 21, 2013

Secrecy Clause Reminder

Greetings Partners,

It's federal tax season. That means it's also a perfect time to brush up on our state Secrecy Clause requirements.

The Secrecy Clause, RCW 82.32.330, is the law that prohibits public employees from disclosing tax information about specific taxpayers to unauthorized people. This law also defines the circumstances documents may be disclosed and to whom.

All tax and tax return information is confidential and not disclosable to the public and without the taxpayer’s permission or other statutory authorization.

When you partnered with Business Licensing Service (or Master License Service), you signed a Secrecy Clause Affidavit. By signing the affidavit, you acknowledged that you would protect the confidentiality of taxpayer records.

Our department and our staff pride ourselves on protecting the confidentiality of taxpayer information. We know you will continue keep the promise of the Secrecy Clause to protect businesses from having their confidential information disclosed.

Thank you,

~BLS Partnership Services

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