Thursday, April 11, 2013

Washington State Business Guide - 14,844 entrepreneurs can't be wrong

As the state's Business Licensing Service, we're very proud of the support we off to businesses online, by phone, and in-person at offices statewide.

And now we're even more proud that people are finding the information they need packaged in a useful way.

Several state agencies combined resources to build, a step-by-step online illustration for planning and starting your business.

In just the first three months of 2013, exactly 14,844 unique visitors found resources and support at the State Business guide website.

Of those, nearly 4,000 of the self-starters linked to the resource from the state Business Licensing Service web portal at

As always, send your suggestions to improve the information we provide. We're happy to hear your ideas and requests at BLS Partnership Services.

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