Friday, December 13, 2013

I-502 Application Period Ends December 20


As you know, the state Business Licensing Service is accepting applications for marijuana producers, processors, and retailers. The application period ends December 20.

In order to be considered for approval, completed applications must be received no later than end of business December 20.

*Please do not accept applications past this date*

Until the December 20 deadline, BLS will continue to process applications regardless of local jurisdiction requirements. Liquor Control Board will investigate and approve applications according to approved rules under Initiative 502. The LCB information page is here.

Updated licensing information is at

  • Oct. 16       Liquor Control Board adopts proposed rules 
  • Nov. 18      Business Licensing Service begins accepting applications for all license types (producer, processor, and retailer)
  • Nov. 20      Board begins processing applications for all license types (30-day window) 
  • Dec. 1        Rules are complete
  • Dec. 20      30-day window closes for producer, processor and retailer license applications 

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