Thursday, January 16, 2014

Do not update to Java 7 u51


The latest version of Java (Java 7 update 51) is not compatible with the installed release of Host On Demand (HOD).
HOD is the service available at that allows partners to access the BLS system to manage their business licenses and registrations.
Do not accept Java 7 Update 51.  Remain at Java 7 Update 45, if possible. 



To check your version of Java, it's three simple steps.
  1. Go to Start menu & click Control Panel
  2. Click Programs and Features
  3. Select Java. At the bottom it will show the version.

Lastly, if you have administrative rights to your office PC, turn off the auto update feature for Java to prevent the installation of Java 7 u51. You can be notified of the update without installing it if you follow the instructions here.
If your system has already updated, you likely need an IT administrator to install the previous Java version (See instructions at bottom).

We apologize for the inconvenience. Email us with any questions.
~BLS Partnership Services
Java uninstall administrator instructions (Windows PCs):
  1. Open Start Menu
  2. Go to your Control Panel
  3. Open Programs
  4. Open Programs and Features
  5. Right click Java to show the drop box that says "Uninstall"
  6. Click "Uninstall"
  7. Go to to the Oracle Java Archive Download site   
  8. Select Java SE Runtime Environment 7u45 and you should see the following display:  "Click on the radio button for Accept License Agreement."
  9. Register (if you are asked to do so.)
  10. Select the Java for your version of Windows.
  11. Go back to the Control Panel after installing Java 7 u45 and activate the Java Control Panel.
  12. Uncheck the "Check for Updates Automatically."
  13. Click the "Apply" button in the lower left. If necessary, restart the PC.

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