Monday, February 24, 2014

UPDATED: Missing Account Financials - new files posting Tuesday


Complete Account Financial Control Summary documents are in your designated SFT folder today. You may notice they are dated from Feb. 14 to Feb. 25. Those who get XML or custom reporting for funds transfers have updated files in their SFT folder.

We have identified a small systems error last week. It prevented many of you from getting timely notification of pending deposits.It is fixed now. Your reporting will be updated by tomorrow morning.

Account Financial Control Summary (AFCS) documents that post in your SFT folders were not issued for the days between February 14 and February 18.
Sample AFCS Document

Many of you were notified of pending deposits coming from the Office of State Treasurer, but were unable to reconcile the deposit to an AFCS document. This process has been corrected.

The missing files will be issued your SFT folders overnight Monday.

Thank you for your patience.

~BLS Partnership Services

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