Thursday, April 24, 2014

Senate Bill 5999 Passed

Legislature passed Senate Bill 5999 which allows for conversions of domestic entities. Domestic entities will be able to change their state of incorporation and/or their entity type. Example a WA Corporation can convert to a Delaware LLC, a WA LLC could convert to a WA Corporation etc. Normally, this type of change would require the entity to get a new UBI number; in these cases they will keep their same UBI number as well as their original date of incorporation.
We realize that a change in entity type will affect some of our partners licensing requirements. BLS has requested that Office of the Secretary of State report the UBIs that have converted to BLS on a regular basis. BLS will sort the UBIs by the licenses that they hold and report by email to our partners that need to know.
 If you wish to receive a report of UBIs that have converted that affect your license(s) please email BLS at  by June 12, 2014. If we do not receive notice from you we will assume you do not want to receive the report.

Please include the following in your email request:

Your agency and division or your City name and the name and email address of the person(s) you wish to receive the notification.
The Department of Licensing, Dealers Services would like to receive a report of SOS entities that have converted. Please email this report to John Doe at  
The City of Olympia would like to receive a report of the SOS entities that have converted. Please email this report to John Doe at 

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