Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Host on Demand (HOD) Upgrade

The Host on Demand (HOD) upgrade occurred this past weekend. This update will fix the issues HOD was having with the latest version of JAVA.

You will need to:

1.       Clear the cache from your computer

2.       Use updated Secure Access Washington (SAW) link: https://secureaccess.wa.gov/

3.       Log in to SAW

4.       Install the HOD upgrade

5.       Install the latest version of JAVA

6.       Re-enable the automatic JAVA updates


NOTE: If JAVA is upgraded first, HOD will have issues installing.

If you upgraded JAVA first, you will need to:

1.       Revert your JAVA to an older compatible version

2.       Install the HOD upgrade first

3.       Then you may upgrade your JAVA.

For further help or information, please contact:



Thank you,

BLS Partnership Services

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