Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Credit Card Fees

Currently when customers use debit/credit cards to pay for their application or renewal fees, BLS is charged a fee of 2.25% on average. As a partner, you have been billed for your portion of these fees on your monthly billing statement.
This fall, BLS will be moving to a new payment system and will start passing the debit/credit card fees on to customers that choose this payment method.  The transaction fee will not be charged or received by BLS, but by the third party vendor. Customers can avoid the fee entirely by paying with E-check.
A federal lawsuit settled in 2012 allows merchants to pass debit/credit card fees on to customers. Now that we offer the "free" E-check option, we felt it was time to make this change. This change will result in savings for both the state and city partners. Our savings will be used to help fund the BLS system replacement.
You will soon receive an amended contract from Maria Moore, our Contracts Manager, reflecting this change. Please sign and return the contract as soon as possible.
Thank you,
~ BLS Partnership Services

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