Friday, September 19, 2014

Changes coming September 19th

 What is happening?
BLS is updating the Business Licensing applications this coming weekend. We will be moving to a new payment vendor, Official Payments (OPAY), and will start passing the debit/credit card fees on to customers that choose this payment method.

This transaction fee will not be charged or received by BLS, but by OPAY.

Anyone that chooses to use a debit/credit card when:
·         applying for a business license
·         renewing a business license, or
·         filing an annual report

will be charged an average 2.5% credit card convenience fee.

 To avoid this fee, customers can still take advantage of our free, online e-check option.

Our online filings will alert the business of OPAYs processing fee and calculate the convenience fees for them prior to routing them to OPAY.

 When will this occur?
Friday, September 19th from 7:00 pm through Saturday, September 20th 7:00 pm.

 What is impacted?
The following BLS web applications and services will be unavailable during this timeframe:
·         Business License application
·         Legal entity renewal
·         Business License renewal

What do you need to do?
Nothing is required other than be aware this is going on.

What if I have questions?
If you have questions, please call Partnership Services at 360-705-6777


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