Tuesday, September 8, 2015

New BLS system work is underway

The Department of Revenue is undertaking a major systems replacement project, the Tax and Licensing Systems Replacement (TLSR). This includes the Business Licensing Service (BLS) system.

We appreciate the feedback our partners have given us throughout the years and have invited experienced BLS operators to work with the project team to ensure our improvements are hitting the mark  for our customers.

Benefits of a new system

Some of the benefits of the new system include:
  • More online services and self-service for businesses
  • Better integration with state and local partners
  • Improved integration of taxpayer registration and business licensing


BLS will not be bringing on any new city or state agency partners until Rollout One of the TLSR is completed and stable, or through 2016. Existing partners will be updated with information about user training and rollout timing as it becomes available.


The Department of Revenue has numerous tax and licensing systems. Many of these systems are outdated and need to be retired.

In April, Revenue Director Vikki Smith signed a contract with Fast Enterprises (FAST) to provide a browser-based, highly-configurable tax and licensing solution. FAST has worked with dozens of government entities to implement its solution, GenTax.

FAST began work on the TLSR project July 1, with the BLS system being the first of three phased rollouts. The new BLS system is scheduled to go live in summer 2016.

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