Monday, March 21, 2016

Systems Replacement Update #3

 Happy Springtime Partners!

Today, we’re springing some great news. The new BLS system will launch before summer.

ATLAS implementation set for June 6

On June 6, you will begin to do your daily work in ATLAS, the Automated Tax and Licensing Administration System. The next two months are dedicated to testing the system and training you to manage endorsements, access reports and help your customers. Next month, a second usability study with business owners is taking place in Olympia. Also in April, a dozen staff from city and agency partners will take part in on-site user testing.

Partner training labs in May

In May, BLS staff will train one person from each program or city to use ATLAS. Invitations have been sent and staff members have registered. Training agendas, directions, and details will be sent to those who have registered about two weeks before training.

We must limit attendance to one (1) representative per city or program in order to complete our work for all partners before June. The May training labs are the only scheduled in-person, hands-on training opportunities. More information and training resources will be posted online prior to the ATLAS implementation. Please contact BLS Partnership Services if you have questions.

Key Dates:

  • April 4 – 7: Customer usability study
  • April 22: BLS partner user testing
  • May 5 & 6: Agency program training
  • May 9 – 13: City partner training (four locations)
  • June 6: ATLAS Goes Live (more details will follow closer to that date
ATLAS Benefits and Enhancements

The new system will provide great features for you and your coworkers. Also, your customers will have easier access to their own information. Here are just a few new benefits that come with the ATLAS system.

For you and your coworkers:
  • Web interface with a single login
  • Enhanced search for name, address, SSN, and phone – including wildcard searches by using an asterisk (*) in place of unknown information
  • Geographic Information System (GIS) integration (including city limits)
  • Spell-check and word wrap
  • Work in two screens simultaneously
  • Ability to view images inside ATLAS
For your customers:
  • Shorter, streamlined application process
  • Online updating of their personal accounts
  • Improved Business Licensing Wizard (formerly the Guide), which presents required endorsements, fees for those endorsements, and approximate approval times
  • Online application or renewal for almost every endorsement
  • Automated address validation
  • Account view for trade names, corporate registrations and business locations
  • City limits locator (GIS) to ensure licensing with the appropriate city or town

Computer training modules in April

BLS will send online training “modules” in April to prepare for the look and feel of the new ATLAS system. We’re looking forward to helping you familiarize yourself with the new system as we prepare for the changeover in June.

Have a wonderful spring. We will be in touch.

~BLS Partnership Services

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