Monday, September 12, 2016

Use Letter IDs in renewal notices for faster processing

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Most business license renewals are handled quickly online with the use of a unique Letter ID. The Letter ID is listed on the renewal notice businesses receive six or seven weeks before their expiration date.

Encourage businesses to use the Letter ID in their notice to expedite their renewal. This saves the steps of contacting BLS to issue a new Letter ID, in addition to the waiting time. Also, once a new Letter ID is issued, the ID in the mailed notice becomes obsolete, which could lead to confusion about which ID to use.

Renewal notices are printed on the first Saturday of each month. Businesses with endorsements expiring in October were sent notices last week.

If the renewal notice is not available, go online:
Businesses that do not have their printed renewal notice can get a new Letter ID online. Information is on our website, or you can send them this link:

New solution coming this fall

Our team is currently working on a solution to allow renewals without the unique Letter ID. It is slated for an early fall release.

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