Monday, November 20, 2017

November 2017 Update

City Partners: Fee and license changes need 75-day advance notice

Lawmakers approved EHB 2005 last spring which implements a longer lead-time to make changes to local licenses.

City leadership must approve all fee changes and regulation changes for a city licensing program. Written notice should be sent to the Business Licensing Service’s Partnership Services team after the city council or city leadership has approved changes. For changes in license structure, contact BLS prior to sending to council for a vote to ensure BLS can accommodate the new structure. 

No System Changes from January through April 2018

ATLAS configuration work is ongoing in 2018. To support the tax system replacement, ATLAS will be in a “code freeze” from mid-January to mid-April. Regulatory changes or programming enhancements will not be made until the after a stabilization period expected to end in June. 

Secrecy Clause Form Updated

All ATLAS Partner Portal users have a signed, approved, notarized confidentiality affidavit on file. BLS will notify any partner staff that need to update their affidavit.

A new affidavit has been created that covers most tax and licensing data secrecy requirements in one document. The most recent version of the form will be sent to any staff requesting ATLAS Partner Portal access. Please delete any link or records linking the older form called “Tax and License Confidentiality Affidavit.”

Use the Latest Forms at

Remember: Only use the most recent version of a business licensing form or information sheet. BLS frequently updates its site and forms as it adds partners and implements changes. Forms, such as the Business License Application and City License Addendum, may change several times yearly. Print or share only the most recent version to help your customers.

Reminder: Business Information Changes Must Come from the Customer

Changes to license accounts must come from the customer directly to Business Licensing Service (BLS) through a Business Information Change Form or by securely accessing their account via My DOR.

If customers need assistance, BLS provides three options:

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