Tuesday, April 3, 2018

UPDATED: No more receipt books for business licensing at city halls

Updated to clarify process change is for BLS city partners only.

Effective immediately, Department of Revenue receipt books are no longer used.

All business licensing payments made at the city can be paid by check and sent in pre-printed envelopes addressed to the Business Licensing Service. Postage will be required.

Get pre-printed envelopes by contacting the BLS Partnership Services team.

The updated process is better for auditing with no delay between processing payment and reconciling receipts. The applicant's check, which is imaged and saved by Revenue, serves as the receipt. The change reduces work by staff and decreases the time that applicants must wait at the service desk.

The fastest and most secure application process is online bls.dor.wa.gov/.

Return your receipt books and stamps

Any remaining receipt books and stamps should be handed over to a Revenue office or returned by mail to:

ATTN: Partnership Services
PO BOx 47478
Olympia WA 98504-7478

~BLS Partnership Services

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