Thursday, July 12, 2018

Bainbridge Island builds a bridge for business

Roads and bridges connect Bainbridge Island to its neighboring waterfront communities. As of today, Bainbridge Island commerce is also connected statewide via the Business Licensing Service (BLS).

Just a short ferry ride from the Northwest's biggest metro area, Bainbridge Island hosts more than 3000 businesses along its miles of waterfront and forested hillsides.

The city joins nearly 80 cities in linking to the state’s business licensing “one-stop.” Island businesses can now apply for more than 400 different state and local business registrations in a single transaction. They can also use their secure My DOR account login renew all of these licenses quickly in a streamlined online process.

Bainbridge Island supports its civic endeavors with a local business and occupation (B&O) tax. By 2020, most local jurisdictions that levy a local B&O tax will use BLS data for increasing compliance with licensing regulation and tax registration. The data is connected to the state Department of Revenue's local tax data in the same system, which is provided for free to BLS partner cities.

Revenue news release

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