Monday, February 10, 2020

Phishing Alert: Help your customers protect their information

Don't let your customers get hooked by phishing emails.
Partners --

Some business license customers are getting phishing attacks emailed to them. Help your customers protect themselves from fraud.
Scam emails may tell the business that endorsements should be renewed or certified via a link in the email.

These emails are NOT from the Department of Revenue or any of its partners. 

Renewal notices from Revenue's Business Licensing Service will be sent from

Valid emails will only alert a business about a new message in their My DOR inbox.

What can your customers do if they get a suspicious email about business licensing?

  • Don't click any links, reply, or provide any information.
  • Verify expiration date on the business license document or check at
  • View or renew a license only at and log in to the secure account.
  • Questions? Concerns? Call us at 360-705-6741.

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