Tuesday, December 1, 2015

BLS system replacement work impacts planning

BLS system replacement work impacts planning
Next summer, ATLAS will be your new BLS system. ATLAS stands for Automated Tax and Licensing Administration System. Much of your daily licensing and regulatory work will rely on ATLAS.

BLS code freeze till 2017
ATLAS configuration work is ongoing and BLS remains in a code freeze. The system is scheduled to be online by summer. BLS will maintain a six-month stabilization period in the new environment. No changes or programming enhancements will be made until January 2017 or later.

2016 legislation impacts
We ask that our partners do not make any 2016 legislation requests that may impact BLS operations. Our management, staff and vendor partners have made transitioning to ATLAS the top agency priority. Any shift in resources would have negative impacts on the overall systems replacement plan.

Please direct any questions or change requests for future consideration to the BLS Partnership Services Team. 

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