Wednesday, December 16, 2015

BLS Systems Replacement Update #1


Our aim is to provide you with regular, relevant updates about the Business Licensing Service’s systems replacement. Completion of Rollout 1 is set for this summer. It comes with great news for you. There will be:
  • no more dark screens with blocky text,
  • no hard to remember 4-letter commands, and
  • no more of this guy!
BLS screen is locked.
You shall not pass.

ATLAS gets a workout

The name of the new system is ATLAS, short for Automated Tax and License Administration System. The transition to ATLAS affects all BLS partner agencies and cities, as well as all BLS operations staff.

Our team is working with its system developers and analysts to transfer the existing features into ATLAS, and adding elements to help you do your work more efficiently. The system configuration for city and agency partners is ongoing through spring. ATLAS will add power and flexibility to your daily operations, so expect enhancements to:
  • Business research
  • Approval processes
  • Reporting

Changes for the better

The enhancements will come with some changes. One of the biggest shifts will be how you access the BLS system. Look for more information about the new Secure Access Washington portal in future updates on the BLS Partner Post.

Data will be reviewed and cleansed prior to being added to ATLAS. Next year, business license data will be easier to search and provide more complete customer information for partners than ever before.

Regular updates on

Our team is committed to providing you timely updates about the coming changes and preparing you for the transition to ATLAS this summer. We will post regular updates at BLS Partner Post and respond quickly to your questions sent to

We look forward to taking the next step with you. Thank you for your continued support.

~BLS Partnership Services

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