Thursday, July 21, 2016

Service Requests Must be Sent to Partnership Services

Thank you for your ongoing patience with the transition to the ATLAS system and the increased level of phone calls, emails and service requests.

Our phone call volume is now dropping and most of the processing backlog has been cleared. We have also added staff and increased training for both operators and partners in the last month. Service levels are improving every day.

Going forward, you must contact BLS Partnership Services with your requests for service and information.

***Do not contact other BLS staff or work units unless you have been contacted directly by that staff member.***

Partnership Services: or 360.705.6777.

Business Licensing Service operator: 1.800.451.7985 or

Taxpayer Services operator: 1.800.647.7706

Never share an individual staff member's contact information with the public unless directed to do so. This slows down the process for all customers and poses specific safety risks to some staff.

Thank you for your understanding.

~BLS Partnership Services

Thursday, July 14, 2016

File upload delayed till 9 am today


Those agencies that get overnight ARD files experienced a delay.

State servers were offline briefly and the files were re-sent by 9 a.m.

~BLS Partnership Services

Friday, July 1, 2016

On Hold Status Increasing Work Items

Many of you noticed an increase in “On Hold” work items with different status reasons showing. Here is some information a few instructions to help you sort and process these items.

Status Reason Codes
  • Address Change –Used for physical location changes only. Review and approve as normal.
  • [Blank] – This is due to NSF payments. A red balance is shown on account activity screens. A new  “On Hold – NSF” status reason will be added to the system to help clarify this.

Another issue is approved accounts showing an error in the Cease Date field. (example below)

Please send the UBI of these businesses to so we can fix.