Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Notice of Fraud Attempt

 We want to make you aware that the Department of Revenue has discovered an attempt by cyber criminals to submit fraudulent tax returns and licensing information to our agency.

These filings were for very large amounts that would be out of the norm. In one case, up to $26.8 billion.

The cyber criminals used foreign addresses in Afghanistan and Brazil. 

We do not yet know the intent, but it is possible that the purpose of these filings was to make requests for refunds or compromise IT security.

Again, this notice is simply to make you aware that this has occurred and to heighten your awareness of this situation.

Revenue has a full investigation underway and is working with the state’s Office of Cyber Security.  If you discover that you have information that may be relevant to this case, please contact Peter Jekel, Chief Information Security Officer, at or (360) 596-3630.

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