Friday, January 26, 2018

Ad hoc reports list 'Location Email'

 The “Location Email” field is now publishing to most ad hoc reports in ATLAS Partner Portal.

Some businesses will have blank Location Email fields in the ad hoc reports if the information was not required when the application or business information change was submitted. If provided, "Contact Email" may display within the system's Account and Customer screens. Those email addresses are not exported to ad hoc reports.

Reminder: Both email addresses and phone numbers are considered non-public fields. They may not be shared outside your regulatory program or municipal office.

Updated Reports –
  •       City Fire Department (city only)
  •        Partner All Status
  •        Partner Delinquent Endorsements
  •        Partner Incomplete endorsements
  •        Partner Pending Approvals
  •         Partner Licensee (city only)
  •        Partner Welcome
  •        Program Licensee (state agency only)

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