Friday, March 27, 2020

CRITICAL UPDATE: All BLS licenses will not automatically terminate

BLS has temporarily suspended automatic
terminations of expired business licenses.

Due to the impacts of Covid-19 on businesses, the state Business Licensing Service (BLS) will temporarily suspend automatically terminating expired license endorsements.

Most city and state BLS partners have established rules that any expired license endorsements are terminated after 120 days; some partners have a shorter timeframe. Due to the state of emergency, BLS is waiving late filing penalties under the Governor’s Proclamation 20-20 and will temporarily stop automatically terminating or closing all BLS license endorsements. For now, only a system operator or an authorized account user can terminate a license; if you need to terminate your endorsement on a business, you can.

This temporary change aligns with the Governor's executive actions to provide relief to businesses during the Covid-19 outbreak. It will give businesses more time to renew their licenses. 

BLS will announce when the automatic termination process will resume.

The Department of Revenue maintains updated business relief information at  For statewide business relief information, please visit

~BLS Partnership Services

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